Note: this only applies for parcels to the UK.


Because of BREXIT, we regret to inform you that ordering from a country

within the EU involves additional costs.


Unfortunately, the UK has no free trade agreement. This means that for every order entering the UK, a flat rate is being charged.

Also, additional costs are being calculated per HS-code, as of 5 codes. Bear in mind that every order may contain several HS-codes. When ordering different types of articles, the number of HS-codes may increase significantly.  

Furthermore, import duties may be charged at the border, as well as a 22% VAT (UK rate).


In case of extra (waiting) costs during transportation, for example when the aforementioned costs are not paid on time by the recipient, the recipient will be held responsible for any additional costs.  


Agreeing to the terms and conditions when placing an order also means agreeing to any kind of additional costs charged during transport.

Once the parcel (the recipient’s order) has left our warehouse, it is not possible anymore to cancel the order, refuse delivery and to avoid paying the costs incurred.